Surgery Clinics

If you would like to book one of these clinics, please contact us at Tudor Way Surgery 01689 820 268 or Bromley Park Medical Centre 0203 121 2005.


Antenatal – Patients are seen regularly for their shared antenatal care by both the doctor/practice midwife and the hospital. An appointment is necessary although patients will always be seen if problems develop. If, because of work or other essential commitments, it is not possible to attend the antenatal clinic, the doctor is sometimes willing to see patients during the ordinary surgery for antenatal examinations.
Child Development Assessment (Baby Clinic) – Regular developmental examinations are performed by the doctor and health visitor in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the Health Authority. Due to changes in the health visiting department the health visitor clinics are now held at Crofton Baptist Church and Bromley Park Surgery. These clinics are intended for advice regarding well children. If your child is ill, please come to the ordinary surgery
Nurses Clinic – The nurse’s clinic is held daily and patients are seen by appointment. Wound dressing, suture removal, ear syringing and injections for those on regular maintenance therapy may be arranged.
Well-Woman Clinic – This clinic, conducted by the practice nurse, gives women the opportunity to discuss matters concerning general health, diet, exercise, smoking and alcohol consumption as well as issues related to the menopause (eg. HRT and osteoporosis). Blood pressure, urine examination and appropriate blood tests will be arranged.
Menopause Clinic – Menopausal advice is offered by the practice doctors and nurses.
Smear Clinic – Routine cervical smears are performed by the nurse by appointment during the smear clinic, although if the time of this session is impossible because of work or other commitments, smears may be arranged at other times through the nurse. Please remember to bring with you the date of your last menstrual period. You will be notified of the result. If you would like a urine examination, this can be arranged if a sample is brought to your appointment.

Family Planning – A comprehensive family planning and menopause service is offered by the practice which includes oral contraceptive pill prescription in addition to the fitting of diaphragms, implants and IUCDs (coils). Vasectomy and female sterilisation can be arranged through the hospital by the GP. To preserve anonymity and confidentiality all consultations regarding family planning are by ordinary appointment during normal surgery hours.
Well Man Clinic – These clinics are designed to give men the opportunity of discussing health matters relating specifically to men. In particular, blood pressure, weight, exercise, smoking, alcohol consumption and stress factors will be explored. Where appropriate, blood cholesterol estimations will be arranged and the urine will be routinely examined.
NHS Health Checks – The surgery offers NHS health checks to patients between ages 40 and 74 who are not currently prescribed regular medication. Please telephone the surgery to arrange a health check.
Annual Examinations for over 75s and Carers – For patients over 75 years of age the practice offers an annual health check either by the doctor or practice nurse. If you have not been seen in the past year by one of the above mentioned health professionals and have not been invited for a check-up, please contact the surgery if you would like this check.
Health Promotion Clinics – According to the National Service Framework of the NHS we have specially conducted screening programs for heart disease with particular emphasis on assessment of risk factors; this includes blood pressure, anti-smoking, cholesterol management and diabetic management. This clinic is run by the practice nurse. All patients who have not been seen in the previous three years are entitled to a health check. This appointment should be booked with the practice nurse.
Diabetic Clinic – All diabetic patients in the practice are invited to attend the practice diabetic clinic, which is conducted by the practice nurse. Full diabetic reviews, including foot pulses and neurotherapy testing, are regularly undertaken. Blood and urine examinations are arranged through the hospital.

Asthma Clinic – This clinic allows patients and parents of affected children time to discuss the problems fully, outside the time constraints of a busy surgery. Peak flow (breathing measurement) charts are arranged and all medication will be regularly monitored and discussed.
CHD Clinic – Here patients will receive regular reviews of medication and lifestyle advice if they have had heart problems including stroke and heart attacks.
Anti-smoking Clinic – The surgery offers help and advice on giving up smoking. This clinic is run by the practice nurse. Please ask at reception for information or make an appointment if you wish to attend the clinic.
Minor Surgery – Bromley Park Surgery is approved to accept referrals from other GPs in Bromley for minor surgical procedures. Many minor surgical procedures are now offered by the practice. Assessments will be made during the ordinary surgery, although the procedures themselves may be performed at other times.
Children’s Vaccinations – Routine immunisation against tetanus, diphtheria, whooping cough, polio, measles, rubella, mumps and haemophilus, rotavirus and influenza, is routinely offered to all children, and full immunisation is actively encouraged by the practice for all these conditions. The timing of immunisation injections is discussed at the baby (development assessment) clinic, and you may obtain advice either from the doctor or health visitor. Appointment letters are sent out for babies first vaccinations, all other appointments are the responsibility of the parent or carer. Boosters of tetanus and polio are available for teenagers if the service is not available through the school. BCG is not performed in the surgery, but arrangements can be made for those who miss vaccination at school, to attend Bromley Hospital Chest Clinic.
Travel Vaccinations – We offer a comprehensive travel vaccination service including Yellow Fever, for which we are approved. Information on charges for certain vaccinations and prescriptions relating to travel and not covered by the NHS (eg rabies and meningitis) is available at reception. If a payment is required, it must be made by cash or cheque before the vaccination is given. If you need clarification regarding vaccinations and immunisations you are welcome to discuss this with the practice nurse or doctor.
Flu Vaccinations – Clinics are run by the practice nurses from September each year to vaccinate the elderly and people with long term conditions, chronic heart or lung disease, asthma or diabetes. Please contact reception in August to book an appointment. Patients who are too infirm to attend the surgery may receive their vaccination at home from the district nurse. Please contact reception to arrange this.
Counselling Service – The practice can refer patients to counselling services by fully qualified counsellors for depression, anxiety, stress etc. Patients can also SELF REFER to Bromley Talk Together – or telephone 0300 003 3000.
Non NHS Examinations – Medical examinations for insurance companies, schools, solicitors, employers, leisure pursuits, etc, can be arranged by appointment. As these examinations are outside the NHS patient/doctor contract, they are available to anybody, whether registered patients of the practice or not. A fee recommended by the British Medical Association will be charged. This includes PPP forms, private letters, holiday cancellations and fitness to travel. A list of approved charges is available for inspection in the waiting room, or through a receptionist.